Has served as Chairman of the following committees of the Government of India:

  • Working Group on Large Scale Practical Application of Water Desalination Research.
  • Expert Committee for revision and updating the Manual on Water Supply and Treatment.
  • Expert Committee for revision and updating the Manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment.
  • Expert Committee on Manpower, Training and R&D

Has served as a member of the following bodies of various governments in India:

  • Member Secretary, APEX Committee, International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade Program
  • Central Ground Water Board
  • Central Board for Prevention & Control of Water and Air Pollution
  • High-level Technical Committee on Hydrology
  • Research Advisory Committee of National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur
  • Steering Committee, Central Ganga Authority
  • Research Advisory Committee, Central Ganga Authority
  • Maharashtra Water Supply & Sewerage Board
  • Project Evaluation Committee, Madras Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board
  • Basic Sanitation Advisory Committee, HUDCO
  • Simla Urban Water Supply Committee
  • Technical Committee on Bio-energy Recovery from Sewage, Department of Non-conventional Energy Sorces
  • Sanctioning Committee, IDSMT
  • Scientific Advisory Committee, Ministry of Urban Development
  • Technical Advisory Committee for Augmentation of Bhopal Water Supply
  • Expert Panel to review and monitor the study on water resources management in Tamil Nadu
  • Member Appelate Committee, Central Board for Prevention and Control of Water and Air Pollution
  • Expert Group to examine projects for the Integrated Development of Srinagar.
  • Expert Committee on Evaporation Control of CBIP.