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Basic education

Basic education of underprivileged children



The mission of Asha for Education is to catalyze socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children. The MIT chapter was founded by a team in 1995 (Premnath, 1995-1997). The Pune chapter was founded in 2000. (Premnath, 2000-current)


Science popularization

Science excitement for kids


Exciting Science Group is a group of NCL (National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India) scientists who wish to share the excitement of science with school children. Our goal is not to “teach” science but to “excite” children. We hope that these efforts will excite some children to take up careers in science and technology while others may grow up to cheer and support the progress of science. Dr Guruswamy is the key driver of this initiative – I support him! (Premnath, 2009-current)



Fellowships & support

Fellowships and support (Footprints in the beach sands)



The fellowships and support initiative is a small effort focused on the following themes (Premnath, 2015 – current):

  • Technology, invention and entrepreneurship – as forces of positive change in society
  • Organizations – as sustainable vehicles to deliver impact
  • Policy and strategy research – as key to informed decisions
  • National identity – as the basis for standing, pride and self-esteem